Underworld – Born Slippy .NUXX

Born Slippy .NUXX” is a 1996 single by the band Underworld.

It was preceded in January 1995 by the single “Born Slippy“, which featured the “.NUXX” mix as a B-side. The band has stated that the pounding, relentless rhythm and shouted lyrics of the track were originally meant “as a joke”, and the single received little attention. They have also said in a Guardian interview that the song is intended to sound like an alcoholic‘s internal dialogue and that Karl Hyde was a functional alcoholic at the time. Underworld have claimed that the “.NUXX” name was inspired by a computer fault that added that suffix to the name of their working files.

The “.NUXX” mix was released as its own proper single in the wake of the 1996 Danny Boyle film Trainspotting, where it could be heard in the final scene. The movie stoked immense public interest in the previously little-known track, helping the single peak at Number 2 in the UK Singles Chart in July 1996. The track became known as simply “Born Slippy” by the general public, despite the fact that “Born Slippy” is the title of the completely different 1995 track. Indeed, on compilation albums such as Now 34, the “.NUXX” suffix is absent.

The track has since appeared on countless compilations, mashup records, and remixes. Due to its immense popularity, it has been played at nearly every Underworld live performance since 1996.

The single was re-issued in 1999, in France and Germany, to capitalize on their new album, Beaucoup Fish.

The song was remixed in 2003 and released as a single to coincide with their anthology release, 1992-2002.

Via Wikipedia


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