M11 SHIONOYA ARIANNE – Evangelion PianoForte #1


The Symphony Of Evangelion – Thanatos

Shiro Sagisu / LOREN & MASH – Thanatos: If I Can’t Be Yours

“Thanatos: If I Can’t Be Yours” was the theme song used in the continuation and completion of the previous films Death and Rebirth, The End of Evangelion. LOREN & MASH performed the song both the original and the 9 Years After mix version, which was composed by Shiro Sagisu and played in both the end credits and the credits to episode 25. Loren and Mash also sang various songs in Neon Genesis Evangelion. Other songs by Loren include the “Komm, süsser Tod” Tumbling Down Remix among other songs on Evangelion: Vox. Other songs by Mash include various songs on Evangelion: Vox, including “X-plicit” and “Armageddon”, a rap version of Pachelbel’s Canon in D, complete with string quartet.