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Kettel & Secede – When Can flavors august 12 mix

Kettel & Secede have made the “When Can flavors august 12 mix” as an introduction their first collaboration album “When Can” on Sending Orbs (available as CD or digital download on 26.11.2012, read more/buy here: www.sendingorbs.com/products-page/a…ecede-when-can/).

This little mix features tunes that have colored the fields of their inspiration over the past months. This mix does not feature any actual songs from the album.

0:00 jonny greenwood – mata aini kuru kara ne
2:56 benge – 1975 moog polymoog
5:33 ron geesin & rogers waters – bed-time-dream-chime
7:03 jonathan starkey – waterfalls
8:17 microstoria – edu
12:22 mary hopkin – earth song
16:11 daevid allen – i am
17:25 duruflé – kyrie (messe op.11)
20:45 life garden – plutonian dub
24:20 soft machine – north point
24:39 emmylou harris – shenandoah
26:35 baka beyond – forest party
28:43 doxa sinistra – the other stranger
32:42 the tape-beatles – beautiful state
35:00 severed heads – somehow pain
37:05 atom tm – voralpenthema i
38:40 fabio frizzi & giorgio tucci – matul damned island
41:10 life garden & voice of eye – untitled
42:30 david casper – dawn poems III, rising sun

Crystal Castles – Crimewave

“Crimewave” is a song performed by Canadian experimental band Crystal Castles and American noise rock band Health from Crystal Castles’ self-titled debut album. The song acts as both Crystal Castles and Health’s debut singles in addition to being the first single from the album Crystal Castles. It was first released on August 13, 2007 by PIAS Recordings accompanied by the b-side “XxzxcuZx Me”. The song is a re-working of the Health original track of the same name written by the band members of Health for their self-entitled debut album. It was re-written by Ethan Kath of Crystal Castles. Kath also produced the re-worked track. The song contains prominent electro and chiptune musical characteristics. The track consists of only three lyric lines and has been said to tell a story about the sadness and ennui one might experience when locked inside a Pac-Man maze for eternity.[citation needed]

“Crimewave” achieved critical praise from most contemporary music critics. Critics complimented the song’s originality and emotion it brought to the electronic music scene. The single was accompanied by a music video upon its re-release in 2008. The track was performed by Crystal Castles at All Points West Music & Arts Festival in 2009.[3]

“Crimewave” was used in Gossip Girl No.1 and features on its companion soundtrack OMFGG – Original Music Featured on Gossip Girl No. 1.[4]

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Boards of Canada – Everything You Do is a Balloon

“Everything You Do Is A Balloon” was used in Season 6, episode 10 of Skins, on Morvern Callar: Soundtrack to a Film by Lynne Ramsay (Alliance Atlantis under license to Warp Records), 2002, and in the short film Waking Up by Ross Robertson.